Ian’s Homemade Chutney

Ian lives in France, partly because he likes good value wine and partly because he works as a missionary on behalf of the modernist movement.

He produces a range of organic jams and chutneys made with fruit from his orchard.  Cherry Jam, Wild Peach Jam, Pickled Quince and the popular Spicy Apple and Walnut Chutney are just a sample of his ever growing preserve repertoire.

He is now offering you the chance to sample his unique range.

IAN WRITES: Frankly I’m fed up with comedians selling their DVD’s or CD’s after a gig.  It’s fairly shabby enterprise and I can’t think anybody needs coasters that badly.  So why not try something different?

If you would like to purchase any of Ian’s jam/chutney products, please email him: ian@ianmoore.info.

Jars are priced at £6.50 each, including p&p.  (All proceeds go towards the setting up of a Northern Soul All-Nighter in the Loire Valley)

“Like the Style Council say: These chutneys are perfect for that Long Hot Summer.”

– Michael Smiley

“Moore has resurrected the dying art of home pickling to perfection.  His mastery of chutneys and condiments suggests that inside every miserable mod there’s a lovely little lady trying to get out.”

-Elsie Front – Wentworth Falls, Australia (AKA Kitty Flanagan)

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Ian Moore