Monsieur So British #32: Peace and Disquiet

#32 Peace and Disquiet Some have to grow into the role they must play, for others it comes naturally and where social distancing more.

Monsieur So British #31: House Arrest

#31 House Arrest Well that escalated quickly. On Monday morning I was still umming and ahhing over whether I should travel to London more.

BBC Fighting Talk Feb 2020

Another feisty episode of the long-running 5Live panel show. more.

Monsieur So British PODCAST – All Episodes

Click here for links to my new 5 star rated podcast. It’s a fortnightly 15 minute pod based on the blogs. more.

BBC Radio 4’s The Now Show – Feb 28

My first appearance on the long-running topical radio show, here’s the link more.

The Greatest invention since the wheel…

Here’s me dripping on about… more.

First Episode of new TV show – Comedy Bigmouths

The 'will of the people'. Should even we respect the 'will of the people'? @IanModMoore has some fair points! more.

Fighting Talk on BBC 5Live on April Fools Day!

Here’s the podcast link more.

Unspun… with Matt Forde

Here’s me being interviewed on Matt Forde’s excellent TV show Unspun. A second series returns on Dave soon…   Watch it here… more.

Radio 4 Interview

Ian Moore is interviewed by Arthur Smith on Radio 4. Arthur also tries to poison Ian with chutney. Listen more.
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