First Newsletter of 2023

Monday, January 2nd, 2023
Welcome to the first newsletter of 2023!  

Firstly, Happy New Year. I hope you had a peaceful Christmas, well as peaceful as Christmas can be, which is not very in my experience. I was going to send out a newsletter over the festive period but we all get so much junk thrown at us electronically through the festivities, I thought I’d give it a rest. Seriously, late on Christmas Eve I received an email asking if I wanted to come and collect some concrete paving steps I’d expressed an interest in, and pick them up on Christmas Day morning! Yes, of course, why not? ‘Sorry kids, we can open presents later I’m off to get me some festive slabs.’  
Aren’t they beautiful? 
Now, I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. If you fancy changing something, just do it and if you don’t fancy changing something don’t feel pressured into doing so either. But one thing that will be changing for me in early 2023 is that I’ll be travelling less. This is partly because I have come to despise short haul travel almost as much as I despise M People’s version of Itchycoo Park, but also I have work to do.I am currently writing Death in Le Jardin (June 2024, Farrago), I have to record the audiobook for Death at the Château and I have to begin the sequel to The Man Who Didn’t Burn (Oct 2023, Duckworth). So it’s busy, busy.I do hope to do some kind of tour in the spring either when the paperback of Death and Fromage is released or more likely when Death at the Château is released in hardback. 

Here is the beautiful cover.

You can already pre-order this HEREPre-orders make a huge difference to how a book does so I will mention it once or twice more, but give yourself a shopping break. You’ve earned it.There is also the audiobook of Death and Papa Noël available on Farrago’s website for the special offer price of £5.99, the link for that is HERE

And here’s the proof.

It’s competition winner time!Now, I have a confession to make. Too much eggnog means that I have completely forgotten what I offered as a prize this month, which means that you can take your pick. A free book, audiobook, mugs, pens, cheese, goats (my goats and I are no longer on speaking terms)…Here is a picture of our rescue horse, Ultime, unsurprisingly the goats refused to get involved in the photo shoot.The winners this month are:
Lynne Cumberland

Jonathan Dayman

Congratulations to you both! Please get in contact and we can discuss freebies. 
This month’s film selection, as recommended by Richard, is a perfect bleak mid-winter classic.  
There have been many versions of Emily Brontë’s classic novel, none of the others even come close to this 1939 Samuel Goldwyn production. Laurence Olivier and Merle Oberon are beautiful and doomed, Dame Flora Robson is a study in heartbreak and David Niven is David Niven, which is all I ever want him to be. The atmosphere created by William Wyler’s direction and especially from Gregg Toland’s cinematography put you right at the heart of the pain suffered by all. Get the tissues out is my advice.
So, once again Happy New Year. 
If you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see in this Newsletter, features, snippets etc. do get in touch. Please spread the word too if you can. 

Keep reading, take care of yourselves and thank you for all your support. 

Thanks, Ian 
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  • Alice says:

    Is there anywhere or any way for
    someone in Norway to order a signed
    copy of Death at the Chateau when it
    comes out?
    I know someone who would love that
    (Ok, it’s me)
    Love your books. I also love that
    you and your family rescue animals!
    Thank you

  • Hi There
    Dearest nephew….
    Loved your letter!!!!
    A Very Happy New Year to you and all your lovely Family…
    Good luck with the books..
    Love and Hugs to all…

    Aunty Polxxx

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